What to do when your Icon Pro Audio controller is ‘stuck’ in firmware upgrade mode


Note: If the following steps do not resolve your controller issue, please remember to include as much information as possible regarding your computer set up, operating system etc. when contacting us. This information will help us help you quicker!


On occasion, a controller device can become stuck in firmware upgrade mode. This can often be due to power fluctuations or an interrupted internet connection.

If this happens, please follow these steps;


Step One

Please check your System Information tab in Mac OS, or Device manager in Windows, to see if the device can be correctly detected. 


Step Two

Please check your iMap software to see if their device is detected as in ‘firmware upgrade mode’ when a firmware upgrade is attempted.


Step Three

Please submit a ticket with the noted information below (it’s very important to give us this information now as this will save time in responding effectively to your ticket)

1. Specifically which product are you trying to update (which version if relevant, i.e. QCon Pro X or QCon G2 etc.)?
2. Is your computer able to detect your device correctly (Check your System Information or Device Manager tab)?
3. Is your device directly connected to your system (USB hubs can cause conflicts especially during firmware upgrade)?
4. Which, if any, peripherals do you have connected or configured with your system?

5. Please provide notes on your computer system, OS i.e. Win 10, DAW or any other relevant information which may assist us in dealing with your request?


Submit your ticket here;

Help Center (

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