My computer is having issues detecting my controller.

if your computer is unable to detect your device, it is possible that the USB firmware on your device has been erased or damaged. The USB firmware is typically effected when issues such as power failure, connection issues, software abort or other similar errors occur.

To avoid any confusion, our controllers generally use two different types of firmware. 
There's the Functional Firmware, this is the firmware that handles your functions within the DAW or other software, that users can upgrade. Then there's the USB firmware which handles the connection between your computer and the device.
Unfortunately, the USB firmware is not able to be restored by users, and must be restored using a special device at an Icon Pro Audio service center.

If your device may still be under warranty, it is possible your retailer or distributor will cover this repair. Though if you do not believe your device is under warranty any longer, you can still send your device to have it serviced. Please see our distributor map below, you can reference this map to find your regional Icon distributor's contact information and inquire about having your device serviced.

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