One Hub


Have you ever wanted a device that can power your controllers and give you extra 

USB ports? Well the One HUB is the Answer.


The OneHub is a Backward compatible, USB 3.0 powered high speed hub, designed specifically for use with a full bay of our controllers.

The USB ports are standard, and can function with any USB device you would generally use with a USB hub, though the OneHub does also include a dedicated power system rated at the same output required for our controllers. This allows you to use 4 of our controllers, with 1 USB port, and 1 wall power plug. Before syncing a device through the USB on the One HUB you want to connect the device directly to your PC or MAC to make sure it is connected and working correctly.


However, in the case of the power system, as it is rated specifically for our controllers, we caution you to be careful to only use the power supply connections with devices which share the same specific power rating.


The One HUB is also compatible with both PC and MAC. Mac being supported all the way up to  macOS 10.13 High Sierra. While PC is supported up to windows 10, but does not support older versions like Windows Vista and Windows XP. Unfortunately, the One HUB does not support the IOS at the moment but maybe a future Version of the One HUB  can possibly have this feature someday.


For more information on the One Hub click this link below. 






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