ALL DAW CONTROLLERS: Drivers: There are driver issues with my controller in Windows

As Plug and play, class compliant devices, our controllers use generic drivers included with the supported operating systems by default. It's possible that the generic drivers were conflicted or corrupted when they were initialized with the first connection of the device on that USB port. 

If this is the case, users can usually clear this up by going into the Device manager where your device may be shown with a driver error (yellow triangle), right clicking the device, and Uninstalling the drivers. Once this process has finished simply unplug your controller and plug it back in and Windows will re-install the drivers.

You may also want to try a new USB cable or port as these are also simple solutions that sometimes clear up these bugs.

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    Ian C Routley

    It is often not possible to Uninstall/Reinstall the drivers whilst other devices are connected.

    This necessitates unplugging every USB device, then reinstalling.

    I have to do this periodically, and it is EXTREMELY frustrating.

    I am hopeful you can implement a more robust driver / communication at some stage.

    I also have a support ticket re firmware upgrades not working.

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    Albora Aydin

    agreed with above comment.