ALL DAW CONTROLLERS: Icon Pro Audio Control Surface Troubleshooting Checklist

Is your control surface connected directly to your computer?
(check to confirm that the device is not disconnected, or connected via USB hub.)


Is your control surface receiving adequate power?
(Some devices require external power supply to function, some require external power just for the faders.)


If applicable, are you using the rear USB ports on your device?
(The QCon Pro X has USB ports on the rear which cause issues with some systems. Please unplug any devices connected to the rear of the Pro X and test again.)


Is your controller detected by your Operating System?
(check your Device Manager or System Information tab to see if your device is correctly detected.) 


Do you have other peripherals configured with your system?
(Please disconnect or disable any peripherals and test to see if anything is conflicting with your controller) 


Is your operating system supported?
(Check to verify your device functions with your OS of choice.)


Is your controller correctly configured in your DAW?
(Please check your User Guide for configuration instructions for supported DAWs.)


Are you using the correct DAW mode?
(The control surfaces have different control modes for different software. Check to make sure yours is set correctly.)


Is your iMap software up to date?
(It is very important that your iMap software is up to date, especially when updating firmware. Please download the latest iMap software from our website.)


Is your firmware up to date? 
(Some known issues have been solved, and patched in the latest firmware.)


Do you have access to a secondary system?
(A second computer can help to test and isolate the cause of the issue, or update the firmware if necessary.)


Do you have access to a secondary DAW?
(Testing in a second DAW can also help isolate the cause of the issue.)


Have you calibrated your faders?
(Calibrating your faders can help to solve several different types of issues. Fader calibration videos can be found on our Youtube.)


Are any of your buttons or encoders stuck pressed down, or is anything stuck in the tracks of your faders?
(This is occasionally an issue some users experience which causes other issues. Please check to ensure none of the buttons are stuck.)


Can you recreate your issue in an empty DAW project, with no audio or MIDI files? 
(This helps to rule out issues with the DAW software.)
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