PRO TOOLS: Pro Tools Does Not Show 'HUI' As A Controller Option

When you set up a new controller with ProTools, if you do not see the HUI option listed under the Peripheral setup window, the software installation is likely corrupt and it will probably need to be reinstalled.

Please follow these simple steps to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Make sure you are using a full version of Pro Tools, not a LE or limited version, as some features may be missing from these 'light' versions.
  • Make sure you run the Pro Tools program as administrator on Windows systems to make sure it has access to all components of the system
  • Attempt to reinstall the software, then add your MIDI controller again
  • Verify you are using a legitimate, properly licensed version of the software

If you attempt these steps and still are not able to get the controller to install, please contact Avid support for assistance at

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