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QCON SERIES: QCon Pro X: Why won't my QCon Pro X's master LED meter work?



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    serge audenaert

    We can do that as users of course, but I would encourage you as manufacturer that ships a solution with a default Cubase/Nuendo template to arrange a solution with Steinberg, especially for such an obvious function on the controller

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    jörgen viking alnevall

    Same here with presonus studio one 4.
    Conectivity problems with master led meter bridge.
    And scrub weel the knob dont lit up and dont working.
    Same with the marker knob plugin and more buttons.
    The controler even blinking sometimes the led lamps on the meter bridge.
    Then goes down again.
    Start and stop and loop function is shutting down now and then very "often".
    So please if someone have a sulution on this


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