Changing The Polarity Of The IKeyboard Sustain Pedal TRS Connector

Different sustain pedals may have different polarities and thus may send different control signals. You may need to switch the polarity of your iKeyboard sustain pedal TRS connector in order to have your sustain pedal achieve the desired effect. You can do this with iMap (V1.03 or above). In order to make sure that your iKeyboard is running the latest firmware, you may need to follow theiKeyboard firmware update procedure first. Otherwise, proceed to the Changing Polarity section below.


Changing Polarity:

1. Re-launch iMap, click the “MIDI Devices” button and select iKeyboard or USB Audio Device from       the pop-up menu.

2. Click the ‘Sustain  Pedal” logo and select “reverse” on the left-side pull down menu.

3. Click “Send Data” button to upload the settings to your iKeyboard

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