How Do I Connect A Condenser Microphone To My Audio Interface?

A condenser microphone is a very sensitive piece of equipment. We recommend you take the following steps when connecting and setting it up with an audio interface to avoid damage to any of your equipment.

1. Switch on the audio interface.

2. Turn the microphone gain for the input you will be using all the way down(counter-clockwise) as far as it can go.

3. Switch off the input's +48V Phantom Power switch.

4. Plug the condenser microphone into the prepared input's connector.

5. Switch on the input's +48V Phantom Power switch.

6. Increase the gain control slowly while speaking into the microphone with a reasonable sound level. Increase the gain until the 'Peak' indicator LED (if there is one) blinks in time to your voice, or until the output volume you hear is at the desired level.

Before disconnecting the microphone, please be sure to turn the gain all the way down and switch off the +48V Phantom Power switch

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