Firmware Update


Having trouble upgrading your firmware? Well this article may be some assistance to you!


To update the firmware of you Icon Pro Audio gear, the entire process is now done within the iMap software.

Simply download the latest iMap software from the product page and select 'Firmware Upgrade' within the iMap software. 

The firmware file will be download automatically from our server during the firmware upgrade process.  When updating the device you want to make sure you have the latest iMap software available and connect only the device you want to upgrade. Also, make sure to connect a power supply if needed and then make sure the device is  connected directly to  the computer and not to the One HUB. Last do not touch the device during firmware update which could lead to your device possibly being damaged.

This should be a simple process to follow when updating the firmware of your device.


To find the location of the IMap software you will go to the main page of the Icon Pro Audio device of interest and  search for the menu for  the downloads tab, once that is located you are going to click on the IMap of your choice (Windows or MAC), and  you will click download  and install. Once installed you will locate the IMap software in the applications  folder  and open up the software. The Location of the firmware upgrade button should be at the bottom of the iMap. Refer to the illustration below for visual guidance.

Hopefully this article is helpful in upgrading your firmware if you happen to run in to any trouble  please don’t hesitate to reach out to Icon support team.




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