How do I change MIDI channel/parameters on an iKeyboard?

There is no need for the iMap software to change MIDI channel on X and S iKeyboards.

Press the ‘PROGRAM’ button which enables the jog wheel encoder.

As long as the program button appears as permanently illuminated, (i.e. a ‘solid’ colour), the user may change parameters.


However, pressing the program button again will result in the ‘PROGRAM’ light flashing and the LCD will change to display the MIDI channel. Turn the jog wheel to change the MIDI channel.




PROGRAM button solid = changing MIDI parameters

PROGRAM button flashing = changing MIDI channel


This procedure is true of X and S iKeyboard models, but not the Nano or Mini iKeyboards. The MIDI channel and parameters are assignable via iMap in these cases. For the iKeyboard Mini click the ‘SUSTAIN’ button in the iMap. For the Nano, click ‘PITCH’ and ‘MODULATION’ in the iMap. Doing this will activate the relevant drop down boxes. More detailed instructions for these iKeyboards can be found in the iKeyboard manuals, available via the ‘download’ page of the respective iKeyboard product page, (i.e.iKeyboard 3Nano | iCON Pro Audio).


iKeyboard Mini:




iKeyboard Nano:





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