Something that may be important for keyboard players is the velocity curve setting. The velocity curve which  is located in the user manual. You can change the velocity curve in the  iMap.

The iMap is located In the downloads tab of the menu on the main page of the selected iKeyboard. You can download iMaps for MAC or PC.


To set the velocity curve on your iKeyboard, you will need to load the iMap (be sure your DAW is closed as your keyboard can only connect to one software at a time), then click ‘connect’ to connect your iKeyboard to the iMap software.

Next select your desired Velocity Curve and then click ’Send Data’ in the lower right hand corner of the iMap. This will commit the changes to the hardware and store them to the device. You will not need to access the iMap software again unless changing your velocity curve, as the device recalls this setting automatically.

For more info and resources on the iKeyboard. Ive also included a link to  the iKeyboard user manual below.







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