How do I write automation and control plug ins in ProTools/HUI for the Icon QCon Pro X?


Most of the functions on the Icon QCon Pro X in Pro Tools are self explanatory. However, users of Pro Tools can sometimes experience difficulties in getting started with automation and plug in control. Here’s how to do it;


Writing automation is a little different in Pro Tools than with other DAWs, due to the nature of the HUI protocol.


Hold down the automation button, (i.e. WRITE), and then press the encoder knob of the channel you'd like to select to automate. This will select the channel and activate the automation for you.


Likewise, in order to assign a send on Channel 1, select ‘ASSIGN’ and ‘SEND A’ and rotate the channel 1 knob. This is the same for Channel 2 and ‘SEND B’ and consecutive channels up to Channel 5.


To select a plug in for slots 1-4, press ‘SEL’ on the desired channel, then ‘PLUG IN’, select knob 1-4, rotate the plug to select the plug in, press to exit. Press knob 5 to exit.


Adding a plug-in to a track's slot 5 is slightly different (in this example, Ch.1 / Plug-in slot 5), requires you to Press ‘SEL’ on Ch.1 - Press ‘Plug-in’ - Rotate (the 5th Knob) to turn page - Press Knob 1-4 to select the slot 1-4 - Press ‘PLUG IN ASSIGN’ - Rotate the knob to select plug-in - Press ‘PLUG IN ASSIGN’ to exit. Tip: Press (Knob 5) to exit in any state).


Edit a plug-in (in this example, a .plug-in on Ch. 1 / Plug-in slot 2). Press ‘SEL’ on Ch.1 - Press ‘PLUG IN’ - Press knob 2. Rotate the knob to adjust parameters. Press knob 5 to exit.

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