How do I use the ‘Define Function’ for Icon Platform M+ ?


Before embarking on your MIDI mapping journey, users should be aware that this is advanced functionality and, as such, it is necessary to be equipped with the correct knowledge before proceeding. In-depth, prior knowledge of MIDI mapping messages of the given DAW is necessary, before attempting to assign new values to the switchgear of your device. Should you be in any doubt, our advice is ‘do not proceed’.


Some of our users have a desire to use the User Define Mode on the Platform M+ to program their own MIDI messages to the buttons, rotary controls and faders of the M+.


Firstly, ensure the latest firmware is installed via latest iMap software (1);


Platform M+ | iCON Pro Audio






Logic users will need to be aware that the assigned function for the ’mixer’ button has recently changed (2).

In CONTROL MODE, there are four different options; Mackie, Logic Pro, HUI or User Define. Choose USER DEFINE. (B)

Choose the CONTROL PROTOCOL for your DAW; either HUI or Mackie Control Protocol, (MCP). (A)





Click CONNECT (C). Select the device in the drop down box.







To custom map the sliders, knobs and buttons (switchgear), select the desired switchgear and then select the desired value from the drop down box in ‘Message’. In MCP this will sometimes be a value such as “B(6) - Record”; the written text is a written suggestion of its’ function (which may vary from DAW to DAW). However, there are many available values which do not have attached text. You will also note that ‘Note’, ‘CC’ (continuous controller) or ‘Pitchbend’ can be selected from ‘Message Type’.


A user would need in-depth prior knowledge of MIDI mapping messages of the given DAW in order to attempt to assign these values and ‘types’ of values to the switchgear. Attempting to assign a function to the switchgear without having a clear understanding of which MIDI message needs to be sent can result in frustration. It is highly recommended that prior knowledge is gained before attempting to change the functions of your hardware.


Once you have made your changes, click ‘SAVE FILE’. When relaunching the Platform M+ at a later time, it will revert to its’ default values and you must reload the file to affect the changes you have made. Click ‘LOAD FILE’ to enable this. HINT: ensure you know where you have saved your file and take note of it’s name to save needless annoyance searching for it at a later stage!


However, if you wish to affect a permanent change - i.e the Platform M+ loads with your changes as it’s default state in User Define mode, click ‘SEND DATA’ - you should then receive a confirmation that data has been sent. You may now use your Platform M+ with the changes you have made in User Define mode.


Should you have made permanent changes to your Platform M+ in User Define mode and want to revert to the factory settings for your DAW, simply return to the Control Mode drop down menu on the iMap and select one of the three DAW modes, (HUI, MCP or Logic).


If attempting to map functions such as plug in control to the Platform M+, it is highly recommended that users consider the Platform B+. The B+ has fifty illuminated function buttons specifically designed for your favourite DAW. These manipulate plug-in parameters, tracks, busses, automation, displays and markers.


The same type of process of MIDI mapping applies to the X+. It should be noted that the X+ is designed as an extension for the M+, not as an independent controller. It is possible to use the X+ independently, although users should be aware that there is no banking option available on the unit and other restrictions may apply, depending on your DAW.



There are controls including faders, knobs, and buttons on Platform X+ that you could set your own MIDI messages. Four types of message including “Pitch”, “Note”, “Program” & “CC” value (1) you may adjust depending on the control protocol element (2). For more detailed information see the Platform X+ manual found here;

Platform X+ | iCON Pro Audio


Check out this video for MIDI mapping in action!

Platform M+ User Define Mode Custom Mapping Tutorial - YouTube - YouTube

Dr Mix Video - check this out about five minutes in:

The iCon Platform M+: The Best Compact Controller For Production? - YouTube




Q: After changing the values in iMap, my Platform M+ is not responding at all

A: Check your Platform M+ is still connected - you may need to re-establish connection to your DAW


Q: I’ve loaded my project and the values I have previously saved do not automatically load

A: This is as is should be - you need to load your saved file as demonstrated above


Q: How do I use my Platform M+ to make expression changes in say, VST instruments?

A: If you have, to use the example in the video, allocated ‘modulation’ to say, fader #1, you will most likely need to have the instrument ‘learn the MIDI’ - right clicking in Cubase and selected ‘learn CC’ will achieve this. See the demonstration at 10.42 mins here;

Platform M+ User Define Mode Custom Mapping Tutorial - YouTube - YouTube

Q: I cannot get Kontakt instruments to react to the MIDI mapping I have made

A: Try the advice provided here by Native Instruments: 

Configuring your MIDI Keyboard / Controller in KONTAKT – Native Instruments (

Historically, there have been problems with Kontakt not communicating well with external controllers. However, we at Icon are keeping abreast of the situation and will update this troubleshooting guide as new information become available.


Q: I do not know the CC values of the functions I would like to map

A: Please refer to your DAW manual/literature for details on this


Q: I would like to map lots of functions to the M+, but am worried it will become confusing and cumbersome

A: The Platform B+ is your best bet in this case - it is laid out in a clear, logical fashion and is conducive to your work flow


Q: I cannot seem to program the values I would like into the iMap

A: Have you checked that you have selected both the CONTROL PROTOCOL and CONTROL MODE (user define) in the iMap?


Q: Where is my user defined MIDI map? It doesn’t load automatically.

A: You may have saved the file, rather than ‘sent data’ which would ‘auto load’ your user MIDI mapping - in which case this file will be where you last saved it. Load the file using the iMap.


Q: I want to revert to the default settings, but now I have programmed new values to all my Platform M+ controls - what do I do?

A: Simply return to the iMap and select your DAW mode from the drop down list in the Control Mode box.

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