Can I use the Platform Nano with a Platform X+ (or M+)?

It is possible to use the Platform Nano together with a Platform X+, although there are limitations that you should be aware of before attempting to pair the devices.


Additionally, it may be possible that the Platform M+ could be used as an extender for the Platform Nano too, although this configuration may induce further limitations and difficulties than have so far been explored.


Firstly, the Platform Nano is designed to be a stand alone, fully featured, compact control surface and is not designed for use with extenders of any kind. Likewise, The Platform X+ is designed specifically for use with the Platform M+.


As a consequence, the manner in which the Platform Nano and Platform X+ work together varies widely from DAW to DAW and indeed, it may not work at all with certain DAWs.


Our tests show that typically, the Platform X+ will start on the 9th channel, leaving the Platform Nano itself to represent channels 1-8. Occasionally, the first channel of the X+ and Nano will overlap.


Some DAWs will allow you to offset tracks / banks of control surfaces and faders, such as Reaper, while most others do not allow this. For example, in Reaper the numerical value to enter into the ‘offset’ box is usually equal to the amount of the faders that the extender is taking up i.e. 8.


If attempting to pair the Platform M+ with the Platform Nano, it is possible that the transport functions may not function as expected, since both devices have transport functions. 

We fully recommend the use of the Platform M+, together with up to three X+ units and a Platform B+ for reliable and trouble-free operation.

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