Issues with QCon or DAW software crashing or freezing.

Occasionally a user may notice that their QCon Pro X is crashing, or that their DAW software is freezing. This can be due to several things, but is most likely caused by one of three issues. 

1.) Check to verify your computer can support your DAW software, any VSTis and plugins in your project, as well as the control surface itself. 

2.) Check any additional USB peripherals or devices. If you are using a USB hub, we encourage you to test without the peripherals connected, and with your QCon directly connected as USB hubs often cause all kinds of strange issues. 

3.) If you are using the QCon Pro X and have any USB devices connected to the rear of your device, please disconnect those devices and test again as this can cause issues in some instances. 


If you continue to experience issues please submit a ticket and one of our technicians will be happy to help assist you further. 

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    Robert Balan

    It started after a firmware update. I bought the new overlays and updated the firmware and now it locks up and also locks up Nuendo. When I shut it off, Nuendo resumes with no issues. I rolled back the firmware and it still crashes. What's the deal? No extra devices plugged into the unit, same USB port and cable that worked fine. Tried swapping them anyway, still crashes.

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    iCON Europe

    and thanks for your message.

    Please be so kind and submit a ticket to our helpdesk system.
    Our support engineers will be happy to help you out.

    You can find the form here:

    See you there.
    Icon Pro Audio

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    Studio Doblo

    I same issue here, did the update and it started freezing. with cubase 10 Have a active ticket but not real answers.. I found out when I deselect the { in the "studio setup / Midi port setup (Qcon 1.17v - midi out). the system don't free. but works only partial. My ticket number: (#35390)

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    so how long does it takt to get support, my ticket been out for weeks, and still no response??

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    Andre Gauvreau

    I also have these issues of QCon Pro G2 freezing...! (Jun 2021)! Could anyone tell me if the bug has been fixed!
    Thanks in advance,
    André Gauvreau

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    DJ left

    has anyone had this resolved yet