How to reset default device drivers in your Operating System.

If you are experiencing issues with your Icon Pro Audio device, such as connectivity, functionality, lag or delay, you may need to reset your default drivers for the device. Depending on the Operating System and version you are using, this procedure may vary slightly. 

In Windows, to reset your default drivers load the Device Manager and locate your device. Next right click your device and select 'uninstall device'. Once this has finished, disconnect the USB cable and restart your computer. Once the computer has restarted, reconnect your USB cable to a different USB port. 

This will force Windows to reinstall the device.

In the case of Mac OS, Turn off your controller or device, load the Audio MIDI Setup app and select your device (shown as "ICON"). Next click "-" on the top to delete the old device.
After this, turn your device back on and Mac OS should reinstall the device.
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