Issues using controller with one computer system, but not with another (Error 10).

Some users experience the strange issue where their control surfaces do not seem to work with one Windows computer system, but will work fine with a different system. Generally, this issue is accompanied by an 'Error 10' error in the Device Manager, as well as the failure to connect to / detect the device. 


We have found that in most cases, this issue can be cleared up by uninstalling the device in your device manager (by right clicking it and selecting uninstall), then unplugging the USB cable for your device, restarting your computer, and plugging your device into a different USB port. 

This generally solves this as it forces Windows to reinstall the default drivers for your device. 

However, in rare cases users find this does not clear things up. We believe this may be due to an issue with the x570 chipset. If your motherboard uses this chipset, we suggest adding a PCI USB board to your system to use instead of your motherboard USB ports, as this seems to clear things up in most cases. 


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    Jonatan Campolo

    My computer don't use chipset x570 but anyWay no work. Error 10 insufficient risorse for complete API. I TRY EVRYTHING HELP ME.

  • Avatar
    Toby AM

    I just upgraded to a x570 board and now the Platform M+ doesn't work! Why god why me.

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    I have the same issue with the x570 - Guess I'll order a pci usb card now...

  • Avatar
    Victor Johnson

    OMG, I was so excited to use this thing... Just upgraded to x570 as well. the fix also doesn't work for me. Just ordered the PCI USB card. hopefully that will fix it. Was thiiiiis " " close to getting an avid control surface. Maybe I should've...

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    Reinhard Claus

    Same issue with my TRX40 aorus board, getting a cheap external USB 3.0 card solved it!

  • Avatar
    Benjamin Schmitt

    Reinhard - Which External Usb 3.0 Card did you buy? I do not want to get a PCI based card ...