QCON SERIES: Is the QCon Pro G2 firmware compatible with the QCon Pro?

As the original QCon and QCon Pro have been discontinued and are no longer being updated, occasionally users have asked about compatibility with QCon Pro X or QCon Pro G2 firmware with their original QCon or QCon Pro devices. The premise is that since these devices look very similar, they may be able to run the same firmware files to update the features and stability of each device. 

Unfortunately, this is not possible as the QCon and QCon Pro can not support the Pro X or QCon Pro G2 firmware. It is highly suggested that users do not attempt to flash these unsupported firmware to these devices, as this may cause irreversible damage to your device. 

If you have attempted to flash the incorrect firmware to your device and it is no longer being detected by your computer, please see our article referencing this issue in our help center. 

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