My Icon Pro Audio Interface is not detected.

In Windows, if your control panel window shows "There is no Icon Global device connected" and your audio interface is powered on and connected directly to your computer, your install of Windows may be running in UEFI mode.

To disable this, restart your computer and enter BIOS *usually DEL key*

Find "Security" items in your BIOS settings and look for "Secure Boot Status". 


If this is set to "Enabled", change to "Disabled", then save BIOS settings and restart.


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    Wesley Oostvogels

    My ICON QCon Pro G2 can't be used by Windows 10. I've tried all updates, driver installments etc within the Windows system, but the computer fails to communicate to my controller. The system does recognize it in the USB port but it keeps saying I need to install the right drivers, which I can only hope to get from ICON. The ICON iMap software also doesn't recognize it. When is a driver download expected? Thank you in advance and kind regards.

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    Thierry Schlagdenhauffen

    And what about the very same problem on Mac OSX Mojave 10.14.6?
    My Econ Pro X is suddenly not recognized AT ALL.

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    Icon Support

    Hello Wesley, and Thierry, Thank you for reaching out.
    This is likely a very different issue, as the QCon control surfaces do not use custom drivers like the audio interfaces do.
    It sounds like your units may have issues with the firmware, here's a link to an article about this.

    If you have any other questions we may be able to help with please don't hesitate to submit a ticket and one of our agents will be happy to help as soon as possible.
    Thank you again for your patience and understanding.
    Icon Support.

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    Bastiaan de Wal

    Hello there,

    I've been having trouble with my Icon Cube. It works perfectly on my laptop (4 year old HP) but I can't get it to work on my new PC which came in today. I've tried every driver there is, even turned off the Windows UEFI mode, absolutely nothing is working. It is recognised by the PC, as it shows up in the 'devices' tab, but your software is not able to recognise it.

    Any thoughts?

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    I own platform X and platform M. My new computer is not recognizing the units but the old one is recognizing and works fine. What seems to be the problem. I can see that other people have the same issue. How to fix it?

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    Jussi Huhtala

    Last week I got a Icon Qcon Pro X from the gear4music.
    i have windows 10 and cubase 8.5.
    I've done everything you can, but Windows does not recognize USB.
    Every step, uninstall driver, change usb-port, change usb-wire, change my brains. Latest win10 updates installed and eeeeverything.

    I ask you if there is anything else you can do, other than send the Qcon Pro back to store?

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    Mr. Mochocho

    Same trouble over here... Platform M+ works fine on my old Win7 system, but not corretly recognised (error CODE 10) on my new AM4 system, Asus Pro WS x570 ACE and WIn 10 - 1909 (Build18363-476).

    That is a sad story iCON!

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    Jussi Huhtala

    I found out the cause is on the motherboard. x570 usb ports do not work with icon.
    we need pci usb ports

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    Mr. Mochocho

    @ Jussi Huhtala.. Thanks man! I thought about that as well. After your comment I will give it a try and give some feedback.

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    Tom Moore

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if you ever got anything working with an x570 motherboard?

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    Jussi Huhtala

    With this everything Works like a charm

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    Tom Moore

    Appreciate it! Weird problem but at least theres a solution

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    Michael Lewis

    Takes the piss that it doesnt work with x570 chip! No mention of that before i bought it!! Why not create a patch that fixes it? Also - the imap software doesnt even boot up... seems like just an expensive paper weight! Going to see about returning it, had it all of about 5 hours - all of which was spent trying to get it to work :@

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    This is so lame! So what you're saying is that I need to either get a PCI expansion card or sell my Icon M+ because I have an X570 motherboard?!?

    Why can't there be drivers to fix this? All my older USB 2.0 devices work fine on my motherboard except the Platform. Just bad drivers and bad software.

    Will probably look to sell this thing.