CUBASE: Why is my control surface triggering sounds in Cubase?

This is a common issue users encounter in Cubase. To solve this, simply change your input selection for each MIDI track. Under track Inspector, change your MIDI input selection from 'All' to a device that's not your control surface, or 'None' if you don't want them to accept any MIDI input. Alternatively, you could also edit the Cubase Preferences and deselect the 'Record enable selected track' box. 

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    Darren Tansley

    If you're struggling with this one I've done a video tutorial on how to stop it from happening.

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    Kim Byeong Cheol

    There is a problem with this method.

    Of course, I'm glad that the triggered sound is not coming out anymore.
    But there is a bigger problem.

    The fader function of the control surface is also disabled.
    The fader of the CC value I changed does not move.

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    I'm searching for a solution to this problem since days and I keep finding this "all midi inputs" suggestion everywhere. But if I do so, I cannot write automations neither because the channel doesn't receive information from the M+ anymore.

    So it seems like it's either both or nothing. Any help to fix that?