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    Carlos Ferreira

    For the past 3 months I've been using the Icon Qcon Pro with Studio One.
    Excellent hardware quality, great design, some problems on the firmware side.
    It's possible with the latest firmware to edit plugins parameters, send level, bypass inserts, etc using only the Qcon. The problem is that in order to access those different parameters, you have to select it on the external devices window of Studio One using your mouse, which defeats the purpose of using the QCon.
    This issue happens only with the Studio One mode chosen. If we switch to logic x mode, and use it on studio one, we're able to change the parameters using the assignment keys of the QCon, which suggests that this issue is a question of poor implementation.
    My suggestion to the assignment keys functions would be:
    Master: replace with track. Allows to bypass all inserts of that track, turn input monitor on/off, choose input/output paths and bypass independently sends.
    Solo: replace with plug-in. Allows editing plugin parameters.
    Option: replace with sends. Allows changing sends levels.
    Play/Pause: replace with FX. Allows bypassing different inserts.
    Again, these are all things already possible doing using the logic template in studio one, but that template has some bugs on studio one such as incorrect panning leds, for example, so there's a trade off.
    Maybe all of this can be achieved easily using the iMap software, but I'm on a mac, and unfortunately there's no OSX version of this application, which seems to me a huge sign of bad customer service since so many (if not the majority) of your clients run on a mac, and don't have a simple application to tweak the controller.
    My last question / request: Is it possible to edit more than 8 plugin parameters in studio one, banking through them like in logic or pro tools? If so, how?
    Thank you

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    mario moreno

    Hello, I have the Icon Qcon pro and everything was going perfectly until I bought the new Mac (OS 10.12.1 saw) and I no longer recognize the controller. What I can do? Have updates?

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    Sergio Peña

    hola, iba bine con cubase hasta que dejo de funcionar, se puso la pantalla en blanco, hace 2 dias lo compre