Why Does My Audio Interface Control Panel Say "No Device Connected!" ?

When using USB Audio interfaces such as the Cube series, you may need to access your hardware's software Control Panel in order to configure it. The Control Panel is basically an application that runs on your computer. When first opening the application you may see a message that says "No Device Detected". If you are seeing this, it is because the Control Panel application can not communicate with your hardware. This means that somewhere along the line, the software's link to the hardware is not in tact. If this is the case, then please follow the steps below in order to troubleshoot this error:

1. Make sure that you have the absolute latest drivers available. Often, when installing the drivers and the Control Panel application from your packaged disk, you may find that newer drivers exist on the ICON Digital USA or ICON Global websites. Older drivers may not be compatible with newer operating systems.Check here to make sure that you have the latest drivers for your device and your current OS. 

2. Double check the USB connection between your audio interface and your computer. Disconnect and re-connect both ends firmly once all software and drivers have been installed.

3. Once all drivers are updated and all connections are checked, then restart your computer. 

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