Why Won't My USB Audio Interface Power On Or Stay On?

Many of our interfaces do not require an external power supply, and can be run from just USB bus power. Unfortunately, some computers cannot keep up with the power these interfaces can demand. In this case, you may have dropouts in your audio, the power may flash on and off on your interface, or it may not power up at all.

In the case that your interface isn't able to maintain stable power from the computer, please try one of the following solutions:

  • If your computer is running from a battery, try plugging in the power supply for the computer. Sometimes this provides enough power for the interface to achieve stable power levels.
  • If you are running your interface through a hub, please make sure the hub is powered and not splitting USB bus power between multiple devices.
  • If you are using a USB hub(powered or not), please try connecting the interface directly to the computer instead.
  • If your computer absolutely cannot supply enough power for the interface via USB, we recommend using an external power supply transformer.

Power supplies and adapters are available for devices with an adapter port directly from Icon Digital.

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