How Do I Upgrade My IKeyboard Firmware?

Warning: Before attempting this upgrade, please make sure that you read through and fully understand the whole process first. Improper procedure may damage your iKeyboard and manufacturer service may be required to recover the unit.

1. Download the latest firmware and iMap software from this link.

2. Install iMap onto your computer.

3. Connect iKeyboard to your computer (via USB or MIDI) and launch the iMap software.

4. In iMap, click the “MIDI Devices” button and select iKeyboard (or USB audio device) on the pop-up menu

5. Click the “Firmware upgrade” button and follow the instructions on the firmware upgrade pop-up window. Your iKeyboard should now be updated with the latest firmware.

6. After completing step 5, close iMap, switch iKeyboard off and then back on again.

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    Thierry Courcet

    Following the 'link" at step 1 is leading to "no content" !

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    By mistake, I installed the M + firmware on the X + Now it doesn't work anymore L x +. How do I reset?

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    Andre Coutinho

    hey guys how are you? Can you help me to find drivers for logicon 5 air ?im working on osx system. thank you

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    I can not upgrade my icon 4x ikeyboard from firmware v1.07 to v1.09.. it stop on step 2