What Is VirtualPort On The InSpire G2 Series Of Keyboards?

The InSpire keyboard controllers feature the new VirtualPort technology. This makes them show up as several different devices when connected to a computer, with different features of the keyboard being sent as each different device.

On most InSpire G2 series keyboards, the default devices are the following:

Port Name Control Sets Software Device Name
VirtualPort 1 Keyboard Keys USB Audio Device
VirtualPort 2 12 Drum Pads USB Audio Device[2]
VirtualPort 3 Faders, Knobs, Buttons USB Audio Device[3]
VirtualPort 4 MIDI Output Port USB Audio Device[4]

Because the different types of controls all show up as their own virtual devices on your computer, it is possible to use each section of the controller with a different program simultaneously.

Please Note: if you wish to use Mackie Control mode with your InSpire G2, you will need to map your DAW with the USB Audio Device[3] device, as this virtual device receives all control data from the faders, buttons, and knobs.

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    hola, compre un icon inspire 8 g2. pero no funciona con Ableton Live...☹️ como puedo hacer ?