QCON SERIES:: Why Won't My QCon Controller Work In HUI Mode With My DAW Software?

The QCon Pro has several different modes it can start up in, with each mode being specifically designed for a different popular DAW software. When you power on the QCon controller, you have several seconds to change which mode it is in using the 'DAW Mode' buttons in the upper-right of the controller.

When start your QCon in any DAW mode that is not Pro Tools or MIDI Learn, you will need to set the controller as 'Mackie Control' - NOT 'HUI' or 'Mackie HUI' - in your DAW software. The only mode on the QCon which uses the HUI protocol is Pro Tools. If you absolutely must use the HUI protocol for your QCon controller, make sure to choose 'Pro Tools' when powering on the device. Please note that the overlay for Pro Tools may not be the correct labels for another DAW software solution.

Summary: Only 'Pro Tools' mode on the QCon controllers uses the HUI protocol. The rest use Mackie Control protocol or general MIDI mapping.

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