QCON SERIES: QCon EX: Why Are My Qcon EX's Faders Active LEDs (Blue LEDs) Blinking Or Staying Lit?

This is caused by over-sensitivity of the touch sensitive motorized faders. Qcon Pro is designed so that you can adjust the fader sensitivity if needed. Please follow the instructions below in order to do this:


1. Switch off your QCon Pro if it is already powered on.

2. Switch the device back on while holding the channel 8 “Rec” button.

3. You should see “Fader sensitivity and calibration” on the LCD. A number should appear on the upper most right corner of the LCD; ranging from 0-50. This value represents the current sensitivity of your faders. The higher the number, the less sensitive your faders will be. The factory default value is usually between 5 and 8.

4. To adjust the sensitivity value, press the channel 8 “Solo” button to increase; or the channel 8 “Mute” button to decrease. While you are adjusting the sensitivity value, you may slide any of the faders in order to judge the current sensitivity.

5. Switch off the power and switch it back on again. You're done! Repeat if you ever need to re-calibrate.

TipThe goal is to have the faders move as smoothly as possible without being so sensitive that they react to the slightest vibrations. There is no right or wrong sensitivity value.  This is a matter of personal preference. Go with the value that feels the best and is most useful to you.

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