ICONTROLS: Can I Set My iControls Buttons To A 'Toggle' Mode?

With very little exception, all Icon controllers send standard MIDI Note and Controller(CC) messages. Unfortunately, there is no 'latch' or 'toggle' operation provided in the MIDI specification, so all latching or toggle functions would need to be done within your digital audio software of choice.

If you are using Ableton Live, there are many 'trigger' modes for the Session View clips which can allow you to use our controllers to toggle or momentary-trigger the clip's playback. There is also an add-on called Max For Live which allows you to reprogram and translate MIDI input in creative ways. It requires a little more work than simply using the iMap software to setup, however, it has been included for free with many full versions of Live and Suite and is inexpensive to purchase for old or 'light' versions of the software.

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