ALL ICON DAW CONTROLLERS: Drivers: Do I Need To Install Drivers For My USB-MIDI Controller?

No drivers will need to be manually installed for any of our USB-MIDI devices. All Icon MIDI devices are class-compliant, which means they use standard built-in drivers on Mac OS X, Windows, and any other operating system that supports MIDI devices.

If you experience trouble with the driver not working correctly, please try connecting the device to a different USB port. If your device is connected through any sort of USB hub, please try connecting it directly to the computer's USB port.

Another option to verify if it is installed correctly on a Windows system, is to check the Windows Device Manager to see if it is recognized and properly installed. You can access the Device manager by right-clicking on 'My Computer' and choosing 'Manage', then clicking the 'Device Manager' tab on the left side of that window. On the list shown, expand 'USB Devices' to see all connected and installed USB devices. Check this list to see if your controller's name is shown, and keep in mind it might also appear as 'USB Audio Device' or 'USB MIDI Device'.

If your device is shown, but is not working correctly, please try right-clicking on the device in this window and choose 'Uninstall'. When you unplug and plug back in your controller, it should have its drivers reinstalled and with any luck will begin working correctly.

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    My iKeyboard 4X is not working on my MAC...
    Transport and other functions not working at all, Keyboard only...
    Also cannot find IMap for Mac either .... any suggestions?

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    Alabama’s Finest (itzNLz)

    I’m looking to replace my current outdated control surface. I’m currently using OS X 10.7.5 and I was wondering if any of the iCon surfaces are compatible with OS X 10.7.5? Thanks